Questions & Answers

01. About the Products

What is RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy?

Unlike a conventional Carboxy injecting therapy, RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy is a non-invasive superficial therapy that enhances a skin metabolism by increasing CO2 concentration without using a needle.

What is a Bohr effects?

When the CO2 gel gets in contact with the sheet,CO2 is generated which helps accelerating the blood circulation, hence, an overall metabolism.
The flow of the lymphatic system is promoted by applying a massage with a constant pressure and strength.
If the flow of the lymphatic system is poor, the toxins and water may build up causing rough skin and/or swelling of the body.
Firm massages will help promoting the lymphatic drainage and removal of the toxins to make your skin clearer.

Is the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Combo Roll Sheet only for facial use?

It can be used for both face and body.However, since the skin layer of the body is relatively thicker than the face,the RIBESKIN Body Roll Sheet*, with a 3 times stronger CO2 level,is recommended on body parts for the best outcome.

* Do Not use it on face since the CO2 level in Body Roll Sheet is high.

What are the package options?

Can I make an extra order for the individual gel and/or sheet if necessary?

Yes, you can purchase a single gel or/and sheet separately on demand.

02. About the Effect of CO2 Carboxy Therapy

Is it safe to apply during pregnancy?

RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy has been used for 80 years without reported side effects.It is a non-invasive (needleless) procedure having a minimal stimulus on skin,therefore, can be used during pregnancy.

Dose it have a peeling effect?

There will be no intended peeling effect but Oxygen bubbles are created from the CO2 generation.This may help regeneration of the skin and removal of the dead skin making your skin looks smoother.

Is it effective on bruises and swelling?

Yes, it is effective on both bruises and swelling and being used to treat them in case of domestic cosmetic surgery hospitals.The RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy program can be applied to manage bruise and swell after a month from the cosmetic procedures.

*RIBESKIN® CO2 Carboxy Combo had been used for a long time by Korean dermatologists as a therapy to treat bruises and swelling after plastic surgeries.

I have a thyroid discover. Will there be any side effects?

RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy has no influence on thyroid hormones and you are safe to have the treatment.

Is it OK to use when I have a dermatitis?

In case of dermatitis, it is recommended to have a therapy once fully recovered.

Is it OK to use when I have a diabetes?

Yes, people with diabetes can have the therapy.RIBSKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy is a non-invasive treatment and there is no correlation with medical disorders like diabetes.

How many sessions will be rewuired to see an improvement on cellulite and stretch marks?

Constant treatment every 2~3 times a week for 2~3 months will be effective.If you carry out a self-treatment, you can see the positive outcome after 2~3 weeks when treated on a daily basis.

Are there proven effects of RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Combo?

Yes, there are clinical reports on human studies and the effects on the improvement of
Facial tone¹ , Facial lifting² , Pore contraction³ had been observed.

1)1.06% Improvement rate on skin brightness, Ellead, 2010, Human Study for Facial Lifting, Pore Improvement, and Whitening of CARBOXY co2 GEL MASK PACK

2)3.73% Improvement rate on facial lifting, Ellead, 2010, Human Study for Facial Lifting, Pore Improvement, and Whitening of CARBOXY co2 GEL MASK PACK

3)9.46% Improvement rate on pore, Ellead, 2010, Human Study for Facial Lifting, Pore Improvement, and Whitening of CARBOXY co2 GEL MASK PACK

03. About the Procedure

Where can I find more details on How to Use?

You can find out more about the procedure and watch demonstration videos on our Instagram (@maakbeauty).

Is it OK to use any type of cleansing product before RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Combo?

Since CO2 is a carbonic acid, the strong acidic products that contain Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid etc. may react to the CO2 gel and irritate the skin.Apart from those acidic products, avoid using cleansing or exfoliating products containing AHA or BHA.

What to do with the remaining gel on the face?

Do not pat the remaining gel or let them absorbed into the skin.Wipe them out completely using a warm towel or sponges.

I see redness on my face after the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy?

Redness is one of the common outcome but it does not mean your skin is irritated.The redness is due to the Bohr effect where the large amount of CO2 increases the partial pressure of the oxygen and the overall blood circulation.You will see more redness on those parts with poorer circulation of the fluids.This is like how your face turns red after an aerobic workout.Gentle drainage massages with constant pressure and strength will encourage movement of the lymph fluids.Certain energy will be generated during this process which may cause the redness on your skin.This is totally normal and shows the fact that the procedure had been effective.The redness will disappear within 1-2 hours but can be relieved immediately if you use a post-procedure gel (EPIDERM PLUS GEL) and a mask (EPIDERM PLUS MASK).

I got a red spot after having the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy. Why is the cause and how do I treat it?

1. Since the CO2 gel is acidic, your skin may react to the remaining gel that can cause a red spot.Please make sure you wipe out all the remaining gel after the procedure.

2. In case the clients have below skin conditions (apply a thin layer of the gel and press delicately)
• Atopic dermatitis
• Severe acne
• Facial flushing
• Thin-layered skin (eyes, temple, cheeks, etc.)
• Skin with blemishes and micro injuries

The skin feels dryer after the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy. Is this normal?

RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy itself does not cause dehydration or dryness,however, you may feel such sensation from the lifting effect.If necessary, have a moisturizing treatment before the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy.

What is the downtime after the procedure?

RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy is a non-invasive procedure(needleless) and have no certain downtime.You can do daily activities as normal.

04. Program Guidelines

Can I combine the Meso Therapy (MTS) procedure?

Yes, the MTS procedure can be combined.However, please make sure the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Therapy is done before the light MTS procedure in order to maximize the absorption of the ampule.
If the MTS is done before, some irritation on skin may be caused from the micro injuries from the MTS procedure being in contact with the gel.

In case of body therapy, is it OK to do CO2 Carboxy Therapy Microneedling? If OK, how many times are recommended?

It is OK to do CO2 Carboxy therapy right after the MTS.Since the RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy will enhance skin regeneration, apply MTS first on stretch marks before the Carboxy therapy.
However, in case it is the first time for the client to have the Carboxy treatment,sole RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy is recommended without MTS since the MTS may cause some marks.

Apply the MTS once a week and RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy 2~3 times a week.

What other procedures can be combined in dermatological and cosmetic hospitals and clinics?

1. CO2 Carboxy therapy before the dermatological procedures such as; laser, peeling, injection and extraction, will help maximize the effect of the main procedure.After a week from the procedure, proceed the Carboxy therapy in order to promote the regeneration of the skin.Every 1~2 times a week is recommended for 4 weeks.

2. If there are bruises and swells after cosmetic surgeries, CO2 Carboxy therapy can be applied a month after the surgical procedure.Every 2~3 times a week maintaining for 2 weeks is recommended.

3. For weight management, Carboxy is recommended right before the lipolysis procedure and a week after the procedure.CO2 Carboxy therapy can replace the use of high frequency device.

4. Clients during pregnancy can have CO2 Carboxy Combo as an edema treatment before delivery.Apply the treatment avoiding the abdominal area.The therapy can be done to treat loose skin and edema after delivery of birth.10 treatments are recommended for 2 weeks.

5. CO2 Carboxy therapy can be done as an independent treatment.The therapy can improve skin tone, elasticity, loose skin (lifting) and treat combination skin.Every 2~3 times a week is recommended for 4~`12 weeks.

What are the recommended aesthic programs?

RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy Combo can be combined with any program. Based on the programs available in the domestic market, recommended CO2 Carboxy Combo programs can be advised as below:

• V-line lifting therapy program: USD 80~100 / 1 session, Once a week, 5 weeks/10 weeks program USD 400.
• Skin brightening program: 4 weeks program / Carboxy+Vitamin C Iontophoresis
• Fine wrinkles therapy program: 8 weeks / Carboxy + Regeneration & High frequency treatment
• Acne therapy program: 3~6 months long term program / combined with Carboxy+Extraction+Peeling procedures
• Abdominal treatment: massage + combined with high frequency treatment
• Legs treatment : can be used as an edema mask.
• Decollete treatment: Improvements on lymph drainage/ pigmentation on armpits